Earnley Butterflies, Birds and Beasts

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133 Almodington Lane
Chichester, West Sussex PO20 7JR
Earnley Butterflies, Birds and Beasts


You are able to walk amongst  tropical butterflies and watch them feeding on nectar in the blossoms.


There is a large tropical bird aviary where birds fly around freely and visitors can walk amongst them. It houses different species of parrots, lovebirds, parakeets, cockatiels, finches, budgies and others.

Noah’s Ark Animal and Reptile Rescue Centre

There are hundreds of rescued animals and reptiles from a giant tortoise to a 5 metre boa-constrictor snake. Many other small animals and rodents including farmyard animals, chinchillas, chipmunks and rabbits.


A maze of seventeen covered themed gardens.

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 DREADFUL PLACE - AVOID!, 09-12-2013 10:46AM


Dreadful run down place, complete waste of money, got attacked and bitten by a cockatiel there with no warnings or apologies or first aid! The rest was a waste of time and boring messy run down place... most the animals there you can see at your local pet shop! Some of them had injuries... the three cages worth visiting had owls in and they looked miserable and unhappy and seemingly I was under impression were nocturnal? Yet had no where to hide in daytime.... poor things.. suppose thats so we could see them, seems unfair, they looked stressed. Not happy waste of time.. I would recommend avoiding!