Pooh Corner

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High Street
Hartfield, East Sussex TN7 4AE
Phone: 01892 770456
Pooh Corner

The village of Hartfield was the inspiration for the Winnie the Pooh stories, Christopher Robin’s nanny used to take him on the back of their pet donkey to buy sweets at the local shop which is now home to the world’s largest selection of Winnie-the-Pooh products.  Maps and guides can be picked up in the shop highlighting Pooh places to visit in the forest :-

  • 100 Acre Wood
  • Ashdown Forest
  • Enchanted Place Memorial
  • Galleon's Lap
  • Hartfield Village
  • Where the North Pole was
  • Pooh Corner shop and Piglit's Tearoom 
  • The Poohsticks Bridge
  • Roo's Sandy Pit
  • The Heffalump Trap

and  the famous Poohsticks Bridge.


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